What is the Voice Talent service?

PhoneUnite provides you with many different ways to record the various greetings you'll want to use for your phone system messages. One of these options is to use a voice talent professional. These talents are equipped with professional recording equipment and have that extra-professional sounding voice. PhoneUnite has a deep pool of talents to use. You can either let us pick for you (which delivers the fastest turnaround time), or you can pick your own specific talent.

Is the Service Included In My Plan?

No, this is an optional paid service. You'll need to have a credit card on file before you'll be able to book a voice talent project and payment is required up front. If you're unhappy with the final product, we offer you the chance to revise it. We'll keep working with you until you're 100% satisfied with the result.

I'm in My Trial. Can I Still Book a Voice Talent?

Yes. You'll need to pay for it, but this is separate from the free trial that you get when you sign up for PhoneUnite. If you choose not to continue with the service after your trial has ended, you'll still own your voice talent recordings and are free to take them with you when you leave. We'll provide you with the original high-quality recordings that your voice talent made for you.

Using the Service

Pick For Me vs. Choosing a Custom Talent

This choice really comes down to time and money. If you choose a custom talent, it will often result in the cost being higher, as each individual talent can set their own price when they are selected specifically. We usually recommend going with the automated option as it will significantly improve your turnaround time and you still get the chance to reject it if it really isn't what you were looking for.

Even with the automated option, you still get to set the parameters for your voice talent. For example, you limit it to the accent, gender and age range of your talent. All of the projects are reviewed by our team before you hear the final product, so if something does need changing, we'll often take care of that for you before you get the final product.

How Much Does It Cost

It depends on how many words your script has and on what talent option you pick. If you choose a custom talent, then it really comes down to which talent you pick. The automated option usually offers the best value for money.

As you create your script in the PhoneUnite web interface, you'll see the quote update, so you'll know what your cost is before you submit the project.

Can I Make Revisions?

Yes! We're not happy until you are. You are free to make as many revisions as you like. Given that this takes time from the talent, we ask you to specify if the error or change is a result of a mistake that the talent made, or a change that you would like made (for example, you want to reword some of your text). If the revision is the result of a talent error, then we won't charge you a dime to change it. If it's a change you'd like to make, then there would be a charge based on the number of words you would like recorded.

Are Foreign Language Talents Available?

Yes, absolutely. PhoneUnite provides talents in many different languages, so we should be able to accommodate your voice talent project no matter where you are.

What is the Typical Turnaround Time?

If you let us pick your talent and it's in a common language such as American English, then you can usually expect the project back within a few business hours (sometimes you'll get it within the hour!)

The custom option does take longer as you're waiting for a single talent to respond, rather than a pool of talents. Usually you'll get your recordings back within 1 to 3 business days. If it's going to take longer, we'll let you know.

You can always visit the Voice Talents page in your web portal to see what the latest status is. We also email you when major events happen, such as a talent has submitted recordings for you to review.

What Happens Once I get the Recordings Back?

If you're happy with them, you hit Approve in the interface. We'll convert the audio files in to the ideal format for your phone system and then put them in to your Sound Library so that they are ready for you to insert in to your call tree(s). This usually happens within a couple of minutes of you approving the recordings.

If you need to make revisions, you'll complete the Revision form and then wait for the recordings to be re-recorded by the talent.

Do I have to Pay Upfront?

Yes. You'll need to pay for your recordings up front. We'll do everything we can to make you 100% happy with your final result, even if that means finding a different talent to record your greetings.