What is a user?

A user is someone that has access to PhoneUnite, either as an admin, an organization member, or both. Most PhoneUnite plans support unlimited users so that you can add new employees without incurring additional costs.

What is a Member vs. an Admin

Simply put, a member is someone who would have an extension within an organization. Most of the time, this means employees of the organization (e.g. John Smith is a sales rep and can be reached at extension 304).

An Admin on the other hand is someone who has access to the PhoneUnite control panel to perform organization-wide tasks, like purchasing numbers, configuring call trees, creating users and so on. An Admin could also be a member of the organization, but isn't necessarily the case.

About Multiple Organizations and Users

Because your PhoneUnite account supports multiple organizations, you can have a single user account that spans across multiple organizations. This means each person only needs to have a single login/password for the PhoneUnite system. If you belong to more than one business, you'll find this invaluable because you'll no longer have to logout/login to various accounts.


How do I configure Voicemail for a user?

Most of the time you'll want users to setup their own voicemail with their own personal greeting. Therefore, at the moment you should request that the user login to their account and go to the Voicemail tab. They'll then see a Voicemail Setup button that lets them record or upload a greeting to their account.

How do I turn on Voicemail Transcription?

It is turned on automatically, so there is nothing you need to do to enable this feature.