SIP (Desk Phones) / Support

About SIP Support

What is it?

SIP support lets you connect traditional desk phones and some software-based SIP applications to your PhoneUnite account, meaning that you can use your desk phones to make and receive calls, as well as dial other people's extensions within your organization. In other words, it's the phone system you've been used to using in your office, except that instead of connecting to a local phone server, you're now connecting to PhoneUnite in the cloud.

What phones or software can I use?

Technically, any SIP IP Phone should work ok with the service, but as ever, there are going to be exceptions. PhoneUnite is happy for you to try and connect any device to the service, but can only provide limited support to phones not directly purchased through our service (or sharing the same model numbers).


What is the hostname/domain required?


What is the username/password needed?

You generate this from within the PhoneUnite interface. Login and go to SIP Phones in the left navigation and create SIP accounts for any users you wish to grant SIP access to. You will be provided with a unique username/password combination for that user.

Are there any other settings needed to get started?

It will depend on your device, but for Polycom phones (which is what PhoneUnite primarily supports), any additional settings should automatically configure themselves after you successfully connect to the service.

Supported Devices

What Phones are Supported?

PhoneUnite currently provides technical support and installation help for the following phones:
  • Polycom 321
  • Polycom 421
  • Polycom 500
  • Polycom 600

Can you recommend any software-based clients?

We have tested and used X-lite, which offers both free and paid versions of its software. To learn more about X-lite, please visit their website by clicking here.

Making and Receiving Phone Calls

How do I place a phone call using my SIP device?

In most cases you just type in the number and then hit dial. You can optionally place a "9" at front (which traditionally gets you an outside line), but it isn't required. Our system will detect if the number is an internal extension or outside line and make the appropriate configurations.

How do I receive calls?

PhoneUnite can detect when your phone is online and available. When we detect that, we'll send calls to your SIP device first before trying the other dialling options you have configured with your PhoneUnite user account (such as your mobile device, home line, and so on). If you have the PhoneUnite iPhone App installed, then we'll try that immediately after your SIP device.

If you don't pick up any of your devices, your caller will be placed back in the queue, or sent to the appropriate voicemail, depending on where they are in your call tree.

Buying a Phone

Where can I buy a supported Polycom phone?

You can buy Polycom phones directly from PhoneUnite through the web interface. Just go to SIP phones and click the Buy Phone button. We offer a few different models for you to pick from and the phones come preconfigured to work with the service (you'll just need to input your username and password).

From time to time, PhoneUnite will also offer refurbished devices, which still come with a warranty but will be cheaper than buying a brand new phone.