General Information

PhoneUnite bills on a month-by-month basis. There are no contracts or long term commitments. You are free to leave the service as you please. Any phone number you purchase through PhoneUnite belongs to you. You are free to move it to another service, so long as the regulations that apply to that number (imposed by the country it is associated with) permit that.

PhoneUnite bills by credit card. Your account must remain in good standing for your account to avoid suspension. More information on this is provided throughout this help section.

Payment Methods

What payment methods do you accept?

PhoneUnite currently accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.

Do you accept payment by check?

In most cases, no. We will make some exceptions to this, but only in certain circumstances. Please contact us if you absolutely must pay by check.

Can I add more than one payment method?

Yes, and we encourage this. You can enter as many credit cards as you would like. If your primary card fails, we'll fall back to your secondary card. If you have more than two cards, we'll keep trying your other cards until we get a successful payment.

How do I add a new credit card?

Login as an admin to your account. In the top right of your screen you'll see a Billing link. click it and follow the prompts on that page to add a new payment method.

Paying For Phone Calls

About Your Billing Plan

Each PhoneUnite plan comes with a certain number of standard minutes. These minutes are used for incoming and outgoing phone calls that fall within certain regions. You can learn more about this on our pricing page and international rates page.

If you exceed your standard minutes, or make calls that fall outside the standard minutes areas, you'll incur excess charges to your account. PhoneUnite requires you to keep a positive balance in your account. To do this, we require that you "top up" your account to keep your account in good standing. This is good for you and good for us. We'll explain below...

Topping Up your account balance...

You'll be required to keep your account above a $0 balance in order to avoid interruption to your service. This is very easy to do as we have an auto-recharge option available to you.

Recharging Manually

Auto-recharge is merely a convenience feature. If you'd rather manually top up your account balance when it is running low, that is available to you. Visit your billing page in your admin account and click on "One Time Payment". You'll be able to specify the exact amount of your top up. You can enter up to a maximum of $1000.

Setting Your Auto-Recharge Amount

You are able to set both the "trigger" threshold and the "recharge balance" amounts. The trigger threshold determines at what point your account balance must fall to before your balance is recharged. Your credit card will then be charged the difference between the balance at the time of the charge and the amount that you specify to recharge to. You are free to change these amounts at any point.

How to view invoices

Your invoices/receipts are available from your billing page. You can view them in your web browser, or download a PDF version of the invoice.

Free Trial

When do I need to add my credit card in?

You'll need to enter your credit card if or when any of the following apply:

  • You request a voice talent recording. While this doesn't end your free trial, it will incur a charge for the professional services.
  • Your 30 day trial period expires.
  • You exhaust your free trial standard minutes.
  • You wish to add a toll-free number. Toll-free numbers do not cost extra and are available as part of your free trial. We simply require a credit card on file in order to add a toll-free number to your account. Your credit card will not be billable until the end of your trial.
  • You choose to upgrade before the end of your trial. You may choose to do this if you want to move to a plan without any limits, purchase additional phone numbers or receive additional standard minutes.
  • You wish to add an additional phone number to your account.

Multi-organization support and free trials

Only your first organization is able to participate in the free trial. Additional organizations are billable immediately and you will be required to pick a plan before creating additional organizations.