Phone Number Features

Local Numbers

We have local numbers all over the US, Canada and the rest of the world. Using our search tool, you can instantly find numbers by area code, or you can search for a vanity number that includes any combination of numbers or corresponding keypad letters. Add numbers in multiple locations to give your business a national feel.

Toll-free Numbers

Using a toll-free number encourages people to call your business while also giving it a more professional presence. While most other providers charge you extra for finding the perfect number for your business, PhoneUnite lets you search free of charge for vanity numbers, so you can find a number that has a certain pattern, such as 1-855-555-CALL or 1-855-555-1234.

International Numbers

One of the great things about PhoneUnite is that we let you purchase phone numbers in over 40 countries (and growing). That means you can support local calls for your international customers, or add new numbers as your business grows throughout the world. Phone Unite current supports phone numbers in the following countries:

Purchase phone numbers in any of the following countries...
Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium
Brazil Bulgaria Canada Cypress
Czech Republic Denmark Dominican Rep. El Salvador
Estonia Finland France Greece
Hong Kong Ireland Israel Italy
Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg
Malta Mexico Netherlands New Zealand
Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico
Romania Slovakia South Africa Spain
Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States

Free Phone Number Porting

Port your existing phone number to PhoneUnite, free of charge. Simply fill out the porting request in our web interface and you'll quickly be on the road to having your existing number moved to PhoneUnite, saving you the hassle of having to update existing advertising and notifying your customers of any number change. You'll also be able to have everything configured in your PhoneUnite account, so that you have zero downtime when your number switches over to us from your existing provider.

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