SIP/Desk Phones / Features

Our SIP/Desk Phone support enables you to use a typical desk phone or softphone to make and receive calls using your PhoneUnite account. Your phones connect to our servers over the Internet, so there's no need for a local phone server. Everything happens in the cloud!

Polycom Phone

Full Desk Phone Support

PhoneUnite lets you use desk phones to make and receive phone calls. So when you're in the office, your desk phone will ring, but when you're on the move, your calls will go to any phone number you choose.

Included standard

SIP/Desk Phone support is included standard. So as soon as you have your PhoneUnite account, you'll be able to begin configuring SIP/Desk phone devices. That includes softphones, such as X-Lite which works with both PC & Mac.

Configuration is Easy!

If you buy your phones from us, they will normally come preconfigured to work with PhoneUnite. If you're using your existing phones and they support TFTP, then all you'll need to do is type in a configuration web address in to the setup and the phone should configure itself to work with our service.

Need to buy phones?

We offer discounted rates on popular Polycom phone models, including the beautiful VVX 600, VVX 410 and Soundpoint IP 321 (entry level).