More Features

iPhone App

Our iPhone App lets you make calls using your PhoneUnite account over cellular or wifi networks. You can also receive new voicemails, log in or out from call queues, quickly call any other employee in your organization using their preferred contact preferences and view important information about your call queues. It is available free in the App store, or by clicking here.

Intuitive Web UI

Our Web UI makes managing your phone system fun! Our beautiful UI is easy to navigate and the call tree feature makes it simple to visualize every option that an incoming caller may be presented with. Each of your employees will be given a login so that they can setup their calling preferences and also listen to new voicemails.

Browser Dialer

Make calls using your PhoneUnite account directly from your browser. Just use a headset or your computer's microphone and speaker and you'll be able to call anywhere in the world directly from your favorite browser.


View all of your call logs and see call volumes graphed in our reporting feature. These can help you make better informed decisions on staffing levels based on call volume trends.

Professional Greetings

Need a voice talent professional to record greetings for your business? We can help. Just type in the greetings you would like recorded, pick your preferred voice talent qualities (gender, age and accent) and we'll do the rest for you. After a voice professional records the greetings and you approve them, they are placed directly in to your PhoneUnite sound library so that you can use them instantly with your account. Additional charges apply for this service depending on the amount of words being recorded.

Customer Support

If you ever need a helping hand with your account, we're here to assist! We have representatives in the US & Canada available via email, phone and live chat.

Multiple Organization Support

Do you have more than one business that you'd like to add to your PhoneUnite account? Perhaps you run an IT consultancy and have multiple clients to manage? That's no problem with PhoneUnite. You can add as many organizations as you'd like and manage it all using your one account. Each organization is centrally managed but independent from any other organization, so there's no chance of customers seeing other organizations within your account. Each organization requires its own account plan, but can be billed on a single credit card.

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