Call Features


Auto-attendants are the recorded greetings you typically hear when you call a business... "Thanks for calling My Widget Store. To speak with a sales rep, press 1, for customer service, press 2", etc. PhoneUnite supports unlimited custom greetings. You can even assign different custom greetings to different phone numbers in your account.

Unlimited Call Trees

Call trees are at the heart of PhoneUnite. They tell our system what to do with a caller when they dial in to a phone number associated with your account. For example, "play a menu with these 3 options", "send the caller in to a call queue", "forward them to an external number", and so on. PhoneUnite has an incredibly easy and fun interface to setup your call tree. And for more advanced uses, you can create multiple call trees and assign different call trees to different numbers.

Call Queues

Call queues let multiple people (agents) accept calls. For example, your sales team would be a queue. Your support team would be another queue. Queues with PhoneUnite will play hold music to your callers while we try to connect them with an agent in that queue. We also support various caller distribution policies so that we can evenly spread incoming calls to the various agents associated with that queue.

Employee Hours

Set the hours that you'd like us to try and direct incoming calls to each employee. Employees can also optionally "login" or "logout" from call queues, giving them complete control over when they're able to accept calls or not.

Call Routing

PhoneUnite has many routing options, including:

  • Send to a user's extension
  • Send to another menu
  • Send to an informational extension
  • Send to a voicemail box
  • Send to an external number
  • Place the caller in to a queue

Call Screening

Optionally screen callers before choosing to accept the call, send the caller to voicemail, or (in the case of receiving a call in queue) have it passed on to another agent. You can even have the caller say they name so that you know just who is calling before choosing what to do.

Call Forwarding

The power of PhoneUnite's system is its ability to let you conduct business in virtually any corner of the world. With each user, you setup what phone numbers (up to 5) to try and reach them at. You can have all of the numbers called simultaneously or consecutively. Most people accept calls on their cell phones, but you have the option to add landlines or any other number you choose.


Read your voicemails! Not only can you listen to the recording, but we'll also transcribe the voicemail for you. You can receive new voicemails through the web interface, via email, in a text message, or through the iPhone app.

Unlimited Extensions

PhoneUnite can handle the most basic to complex phone system configurations. There are no limits to the number of extensions you can create and call trees can go as deep as you like.

Conference Rooms

Hold conferences easily with your PhoneUnite account. Simply assign the conference room an extension and optionally place a password on the conference room. When people dial in, they'll be able to announce themselves and the conference will automatically start once two people have joined.

Company Directory

Add a company directory to your system quickly and easily. Our company directory feature supports finding employees of your business either through voice recognition or through keypad input.

Informational Extensions

Information announcements can be used to tell callers things like operating hours, or they can help you pass important information on to customers in the event of a service issue. For example, if you ran a web hosting company and were experiencing a technical difficulty, you could record an information message to play before placing callers in the queue to help manage the volume of calls.

Unlimited Call Handling

There are no limits on the number of calls you can receive to your PhoneUnite account, so we're able to scale with your growing business.

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